Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

The Vortex Of Schmooze Superpower Manifests At Philcon

At the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention, I got in touch with my inner carnival barker. A bunch of us broads from Broad Universe got a table in the dealers' room and struggled mightily to sell our books. It was a lean year for everyone in the dealers' room, I gather, and I'd already learned that e-books are hard to sell at events. We still had a good time hanging out, reading each other's book blurbs, trading stories about the strange liminal status of neo-pro.

I had a cute baby handy, and discovered I was not above perching him on the table to try to draw attention to the books. Gareth didn't mind a bit. In fact, he made one sale for us by kicking a book off the table at a passerby, who stopped to accept my apologies, and then to ogle Gareth, and then, upon reading the blurb, to buy the book Gareth had kicked at her. It wasn't one of my books, but considering that it was one of Christine Norris's, and she'd done all the legwork to get us the table, it was a wholly appropriate karmic kickback.

For the first time, I attended a writer's workshop session at a convention. It was the first chance I'd had to run any of the Stisele book by any industry pros, so I brought the first half of the opening chapter, and the workshop went Very Well.

In the spirit of Nanowrimo, here are some stats.

Days at the Con: 3
Hours Hawking Books in the Dealers' Room: 12
Copies of Closing Arguments Sold: 3
Promotional Postcards for Closing Arguments Pressed On Curious Passersby: 30ish? 40ish?

Significant Reviewers Offering to Review Forthcoming Print Volume: 1
Organizers of Other Cons Gleefully Bookmarking This Blog: 1 (Hello, DG!)

Pros Enthusiastically Declaring Workshopped Excerpt to be of Publishable Quality: 3 for 3
Notable Editors Asking About Status of Manuscript [Extremely Fragmentary Unifinished Novel, Alas]: 1

Creepy Guys Who Tried to Pick Me Up: 1

Gratitude to Spouse for Baby Care, Starbucks Runs, and General Support: Infinite
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