Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Yesterday's, um, progress

Three pages of notes and lists toward chapter three, but no new words of actual narrative. I understand Stisele's sibling relationships much better now. Still, I would have liked to have a boosted word count to show for it.

It was like this a lot with the last book, and usually a day of pure prep would mean a great leap forward within the next day or two. (But not a Great Leap Forward in the yucky Maoist sense, of course.) Here's hoping today's work can be tallied on the progress bar.

On the other hand, I did finally see Mirrormask. Dan and I desperately needed a date day, what with my Nanowrimo obsession and the accelerating work pace at his little start-up. Structurally, the script was a bit more Hollywood-formulaic than I would have expected from Neil Gaiman, but his grace notes are still the best. Dave McKean comes off as the ruling genius this time. My attention kept falling off the script to follow some tiny visual detail or to boggle at the compositions of the shots.

I'd have paid the cost of admission just for the sphinxes.
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