Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

The Best Possible Theocracy

Our new cat came with a name — Theo — a complete set of cat-care infrastructure, and nearly two years of experience living with human children. His former principal human chose us with great care to be his new family, and brought him over this morning. Theo spent most of the day hiding, only setting out to inspect his new territory after the kids were asleep. Somehow, even while he was huddled immobile under the bed, he was the most exciting phenomenon in the house, or indeed the whole county.

He’s a fine marmalade tabby with matching orange eyes. Soon my nearly-unpacked house will be a marmalade tabby house, because it’s the time of year for Theo to blow his winter coat for his summer one. The set of cat infrastructure includes three brushes and a comb — this for a shorthair. So many things I’d forgotten about living with cats. I’ll have to start putting Static Guard spray on my grocery list again.

I remember last time I did Nanowrimo, when I still had two cats, I included their meddling in my word-count metrics: 1200 words, 2 hours, persistent cat on keyboard. Surely my creative productivity will increase, now that I have a cat to sit on my important books and papers.
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