Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Progress, And, Yeah, I Guess That's Progress, Too

It looks like we'll be sending advance copies of Closing Arguments out for blurb requests and reviews this week, and like the release will be before the end of this month. Hooray!

The moment when the Ria story will be needed approaches rapidly, though we have no deadline. So what does my brain want to work on? The Big Book, or rather, Big Book Volume 2, a project nobody wants. O Brain! Get with the program! The sprawling epic of Beltresin revolution might eventually see the light of day, but the best way to get that to happen is to succeed wildly with the Rugosa stories. Which would require finishing the new Rugosa stories I've already started.

It's going to be a really big deal to me the first time I finish a new project, post-birth. Before I had a child, I was really good at finishing things--especially long, seemingly impossible things. I've been working, working, working, but haven't finished a story in almost a year.

Well, at least my brain wants to work on a manuscript. I was kind of worried that the mommy neurochemistry would knock out my writing drive. Down and sideways, but not out.
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