Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

In Case Anyone Needs To Reach Me...

It seems I lost my cell phone at the emergency room on Monday while I was getting diagnosed with probably-pneumonia. I usually tell people the best way to reach me is by cell phone, but at the moment, the home phone's the better bet.

Given my inconclusive X-rays, the question of whether I actually have pneumonia seems to turn on which doctor is holding the stethoscope. Over the course of my two ER visits and a follow-up, some have said yes, some have said no. At least it's clear I'm on the mend.

I've decided to embrace the word pneumonia, because that word means the rules are different. If all I have is a cold, well, I soldier on. If I have a virus, I soldier on without antibiotics. Soldiering on is what landed me in the ER twice, so I need a new game plan, one that's compatible with what all the doctors agree on: my recovery will take weeks, maybe months.

Breva the Axe (the Barbarian Queen of Concision Revision) points out that it's not a good idea to soldier on through colds and viruses, either, and that she wishes I would stop attempting stoicism. She's right. She also made us chili. She's a Savage Editor and a mighty fine cook. She and rianders and sporos have provisioned us for the coming week, since my mom's heading home tomorrow. Praise them with great praise.
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