Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Oh, That's Much Better!

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

My immune system seems to have befriended my antibiotic--a great relief, since I'm allergic to so many of them. My breath capacity is coming back. I have a little more energy, enough that I'm tempted to run around cleaning my house. Fortunately, my mom came up for a couple of days to make sure I got some rest, and now Dan is home for the weekend on rest-enforcement duty. At this rate, I'll be well enough to travel in time for garybart and jaimesama's wedding in Hawaii after all. I don't know, though, whether we'll still be able to drive down to the Free Spirit Gathering for a day next weekend. It'll depend on the temperature, since I'm not so good at temperature regulation right now. If we miss it, it'll be the first Midsummer festival we've missed in over a decade.

The trick is to keep recovering at this rate.

Meanwhile, I've been invited to do a little guest posting and interviewing on other people's blogs in connection with the book. Drollerie Press's intern has been tireless in her quest for promotion opportunities--thank you, Chris! I'll post more information as it develops.
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