Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

First Review: Two Thumbs Down

As bad reviews go, it could have been worse. "Cleverly conceived and executed--yet strangely unaffecting," with a villain evocative of Jack Nicholson...okay. Considering that she'd have liked to see more Nicholsonesque fisticuffs, I wonder if this wasn't just the wrong book for her. Or maybe I haven't improved my characterization as much since the first draft of the Big Book as I thought I had. radiotelescope's comment on that long-ago first draft was, "I'd like all the characters to be about 15% more vivid," and he was absolutely right.

I'm still hoping someone among the dozens of reviewers I sent copies to will give me something I can put on a book jacket. Come 2009, I'm going to need some blurbs from the two e-books to sell the print volume.
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