Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

My Evil Twin(s?)

Things I learned by googling myself:

It seems there's another Dr. Pretentious out there on another social networking site. He may or may not be the same guy who used to play bass in a goth band in the early 1990's and took Dr. Pretentious for his stage name. I had no idea about the bassist.

The bass player had the name before me. If he googles himself, there I'll be. He'll probably be annoyed. I know I was, when I found someone making posts full of spelling errors under my lj handle over on

So, if you're the other Dr. Pretentious (or one of the other Doctors Pretentious), you might be wondering how I got your name.

When I'd just finished grad school, one of my aunts asked how I'd use my degree if academia didn't work out for me. On the spur of the moment, I said I'd start an advice column called "Ask Dr. Pretentious."

Around the same time, when cthulhia would mention me in her blog, the pseudonym she gave me was the name of the first character I ever played in an RPG--a character I hadn't rolled up or named myself, so it never quite fit. "Well, what should I call you instead?" she asked. My imaginary advice column still amused me, so I had an easy answer.

Not long after that, twoeleven called my bluff. I'd been talking about getting an lj account for ages, and not getting around to it, so he made one for me and sent me the password. I really thought I'd only be using it to read other my friends' blogs, because, you know, blogging is such a time sink, but it got away from me. Four years later, here I am.

The handle suits me, and I don't mean to give it up. Which is probably just what my evil twin(s?) think(s?), too.
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