Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Quantum Toddle

For some weeks now, Gareth has been cruising the furniture, and only taking unsupported steps when something Really Cool--usually the cat or his daddy--was in the middle of an open space he couldn't cruise across. That was the state of his walking ability when we woke up this morning.

By dinnertime tonight, Gareth was walking unassisted for ten minutes at a stretch and changing direction without wobbling. He was pretty pleased with himself about it, too. We'd call it a quantum leap, but we became so enamored of the idea of a quantum toddle, we're stuck with it now.

My own quantum toddle for the day is that I finally made a first attempt at a recording for the Grail Story podcast. I'd thought it would require a lot of takes to make it through that piece, but we got a first pass done in about half an hour. It was much so much easier than I'd expected, I'm dreading the editing stage. Surely all the difficulty I imagined is hiding somewhere in this process, right? It couldn't possibly be that I puffed it up and intimidated myself to no good purpose, could it? Nah, not me.

Once Dan and I get the recording polished up, it'll be available as a free download at the Drollerie Press e-zine, Membra Disjecta. That should be sometime this month.
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