Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Instant Toy Poodle, Just Add Water

We should have carpeted the living room months ago, before Gareth started learning to walk. A kid falls down a lot while learning to walk, and the surfaces available to fall down on in our house are mostly hardwood and tile. Ouch. We just kept thinking he was almost done with the falling down several times a day.

But now that he can walk, he wants to run. And after running, I gather there will be jumping, and climbing, and climbing so as to jump, etc. We are nowhere near the end of falling down several times a day.

The carpet style Dan and I could agree on is called Toy Poodle, and all the colors have stereotypical poodle names like Fifi Orange, Bijou Blue, Fluffy Fuchsia. I have to admit, it made our negotiations easier about which samples to order that we kept cracking ourselves up saying the names.

The samples arrived in today's mail, and the carpet's pile really does look exactly like the coat of a freshly groomed toy poodle, though several of these colors would be most unnatural on a dog. Looking at these little plastic-backed squares, I can't help thinking of those expanding sponge dinosaur toys--you know the ones?--and picturing our living room full of knee high, palm green poodles.
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