Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Cover Art and Cover Copy for Atlantis Cranks! Author Chat This Thursday!

My very excellent editor has posted the cover for Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply over at the Drollerie Press blog. We're aiming for a February release. If all goes well, I'll have copies on CD to sell at the Wicked Faire.

The Ria story is going the way it's always going: slowly, but forward, but slowly. It's a rough beast slouching toward the Jersey Shore to be published.

Meanwhile, come join me at the Drollerie Press author chat this Thursday, the 18th, 10pm to whenever. Sometime when it isn't 2am, I'll post more details about the how. There will be all sorts of door prizes--free e-books, ARC's of upcoming releases, that sort of thing.

thunderpigeon and annathepiper will be there to talk about their respective books. Books I got to read and love in early drafts long before they found a home at DP. Check out David Sklar's The Shadow of the Antlered Bird, which is sort of a dark fantasy Beatnik buddy movie in which one of the buddies is the son of the queen of Faerie, and he's fleeing for his life from the consequences of his own ill-considered sorcery. Angela Korra'ti's Faerie Blood hasn't been released yet, but the ARC will probably be on offer Thursday night. I still remember reading the first draft of the opening chase scene aloud to Dan, and how in between bouts of bouncing around the kitchen in his enthusiasm, Dan would pause to marvel at the heroine's skill as a bicycle mechanic.

And now for the weekly Gareth Report:
We took the boy to a performance of Handel's Messiah. He made it through the first movement quite contentedly, alternating between my lap and Dan's, watching the violinists and the soloists with rapt attention. He did so well, we almost considered pressing our luck and staying for the second and third movements, but it was past his bedtime. Twenty years ago, Dan and I first met in a high school choir, during the dress rehearsal for the winter concert. The best piece on that program was "And the Glory of the Lord." For a couple of Pagans, we're surprisingly sentimental about the Messiah. I've heard it said that the Devil has all the best tunes. Well, I don't know anything about the Devil, but I'd argue that Jesus has all the best oratorios.
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