Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Solstice Weekend Safety Tip

You may be planning to set fire to a plum pudding this weekend.

No problem, you're thinking. Brandy burns at such a low temperature, you can play snapdragon with your combustible dessert.

And snapdragon is a lot of fun.

But the plum pudding you're imagining is decorated with holly leaves. Maybe freshly cut holly leaves, maybe dried, maybe--and this would be interesting--plastic.

Igniting your combustible dessert won't burn your fingers, but it will get your holly leaves going in a very serious way, as we discovered a couple of years ago. Your flaming holly leaves could, theoretically, get other things going, too.


Take the holly off and put it well aside before you light the brandy.

Live a long time.

And Happy Yule.
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