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Introducing Cindy Lynn Speer

I've been enjoying getting to know my fellow Drollerie Press authors online. We talk shop the way writers generally do--we laugh about our wacky creative processes, commiserate about our rickety computers, speculate wildly about the state of the publishing industry, and conspire cordially about promoting our (and one another's) books.

One of the great many reasons I'm thrilled that Angela Korra'ti (aka annathepiper) sold Faerie Blood to Drollerie Press is that she's especially good at that last bit. Anna has herded her fellow cats admirably, and now something practical is happening as a result of all that cordial promotional conspiracy. If you know a lot of writers, you will know to be impressed.

Today is the first of what will probably be several one-day-a-month blog exchanges. I have the great good fortune to host Cindy Lynn Speer (aka tselmende), author of The Chocolatier's Wife. You can find her author blog, A Pen and Fire, here. You can find out more about her three books from Drollerie Press here, and her debut here.

I'll be guest-blogging at Joely Sue Burkhart's Dreaming in Rhyme today. As soon as I have the link for that post, you'll have it, too.

Without further ado, as Kermit the Frog used to say, here's Cindy:

My name is Cindy Lynn Speer, and I am honored to be featured on this blog, and part of the Drollerie Press Blog Tour.

About me…I have written these little things for years, ever since I was a book reviewer, and I never feel like I get it right. So, let’s see what we can do.

As a writer I am someone who isn’t just in love with the written word, but with that voice inside my head.

I was watching a movie tonight...which one I won’t confess…and it failed the good movie test. A good movie tells me a story, it traps me and enchants me. A bad movie that should have been good makes me think, “I could do better.” In a way, these are the best, because sometimes they awaken stories in me. In this case, it was a story that had lain dormant for years. I had a great idea, wonderful characters, an interesting setting. Some of what I’ve written has sharp, strong images. Now, before I come off sounding too awfully vain…it was lacking one major ingredient. A plot I could live with and finish. I’ve tried to write this story so many times, I think I have the thread and I’m ready to run, but then I stop.

Tonight it clicked again, partly because the movie (which, truthfully, isn’t even really related to the story I want to write) somehow joined a couple of missing pieces in my mind. I sat down, and I started typing, and I could hear the voice in my head, narrating the beginning, not letting me go, even for this blog post (which I desperately need and want to do) because it carried me. I don’t really know what’s going to happen next, and as it flows out my fingers, I’m as surprised as the reader will be. That’s what makes me want to write…because I want to know how the story is going to happen, how these pieces will come together, how it will all work out. Just like a reader does…hopefully.

That’s me, the writer. The author is the girl who’s read wonderful things all her life, who has looked forward to books coming out. I like that idea, the idea of being someone to look forward to. To create something that people enjoy, that people want to keep. In my mind copies of
Blue Moon are being given as presents, packed in suitcases to visit strange lands, packed in boxes to move forward with you into the future. They end up on library sale tables where someone goes, “Oh…look! I’ve been dying to read this…what a find!” I want to contribute to the little spot of happiness that is really all that gets us through the day.

The person is a secretary, and a fencer. The secretary is proud of her University Department, where she is surrounded by wonderful people. We do some awesome programming, and I think we bring something to our students. The fencer is a historical one, meaning I fight with a dagger as well as a sword, and I’m a member of a medieval re-enactment society called the SCA. I read, I try to make sure my plants don’t die, I drink too much soda and tea.

And I’m pleased to meet you.

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