Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Friday Release for Atlantis Cranks at the Wicked Faire, Despite Everything

I hesitated to keep posting announcements and reminders, because it looked like the release date was slipping. I had a family emergency, and my editor's car conked out permanently, which is an emergency in its own right for a parent of three kids. We'd been rushing to have Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply ready in time for the Wicked Faire, where Jeff Mach, the Greatest Impressario of Weird in Our Generation, wanted to put me on the program. The plan was for me to have a bunch of CDs of the new book in PDF to sell.

Then my uncle started dying, and my baby had a highly contagious upper respiratory bug. Oh, yeah, and I was sick, too. For fear of cutting Uncle Bill's remaining time in half (he already had pneumonia), I had to refrain from going to say goodbye. I still can't write about it. It looks like I'm writing about it right now, but don't be fooled, I'm writing about a book release, which is different. Honest it is. And then Bill actually died, and there was all kinds of confusion about when the memorial service would be, and whether I'd be able to go to the Wicked Faire at all, and how many times I could use the word and in one poorly crafted paragraph.

Jeff Mach has been excellently patient with my scheduling vacillation. He and Isaac Bonewits, who will be presiding over the two short Bardic Circles at the Wicked Faire, wangled the scheduling so that I'd be able to make it to the Friday night circle and still get to Connecticut for Bill's funeral. (If you're reading this, gentlemen, thank you, thank you, thank you.)

So, this Friday, 7:00-8:00pm, you'll be able to find me at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, NJ. When the circle rolls around to me, I'll be reading short scenes from both Rugosa Coven novellas. If you're on the fence about whether to show up, bear in mind that the crowd that goes to the Wicked Faire includes a higher than average concentration of women in corsets and men in kilts, and assorted other eye candy for all proclivities.
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