Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Grail Podcast Is Live At Membra Disjecta

The new issue of Drollerie Press's e-zine Membra Disjecta is live. My first attempt at podcasting, which is also the first podcast story up at Membra Disjecta, can be found here.

I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Getting through "How the Grail Came to the Fisher King" aloud turned out to be easier than I expected--the end always makes me teary--but we did the bulk of the recording in one evening and only had to redo a few words here and there. My husband wrestled the MP3 file into shape, which was way harder than either of us expected. Fitting that part of the job in around parenting a toddler who really, really wants to pound on computer keyboards, and who can be woken from a sound sleep by hearing his mommy's voice telling a story even from several rooms away, took months.

The podcast is just over 20 minutes long. A tiny little free e-book edition of the story will be coming soon from Drollerie Press. Both the text version and the sound version are under a Creative Commons license of the Share Alike type. I wrote the story as a gift, and as long as you keep the from tag attached, this is one case in which regifting is encouraged.

If you like "How the Grail Came to the Fisher King," please consider making a donation to the scholarship fund George started, and which is carried on in his memory. You can find out more, to apply for the scholarship or to donate, here.
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