Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Up At Fictionwise And Amazon

Fictionwise has Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply for sale at last. Beautiful!

Amazon got their listing up a couple of days ago, but they've only just put the jacket copy in the "Product Description" field, and they still haven't got the cover art up yet. Considering everything else that's been going on for Amazon, I'm surprised they got to it this soon.

The book has been available for a while at Mobipocket, CyberRead, and Drollerie Press's bookshop.

If readers who liked the book were to post reviews saying so at any of those websites, that would be a Much Appreciated Thing. laradionne posted a review at Drollerie Press's bookshop that kept Closing Arguments highlighted on the page of featured books long after its initial release (Thank you!). Apparently reader reviews really matter.
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