Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

A Question For Seattle Locals

If you wanted to take a car on the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle on a Tuesday morning, how long a wait would it be wise to expect? Would it be folly to rely on that ferry to arrive on time at an airport?

We'll be at the Iron Springs Writing Retreat, and then we're taking a couple of extra days around Port Angeles to see the Olympic National Park before we need to make our flight out of SeaTac. One possible route has us driving all the way down the length of the Kitsap Peninsula and back up the other side of the sound to get to SeaTac, while the other would have us break the drive--and, more to the point, the time our toddler would have to spend strapped into his car seat--with a ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle and then down.

If we were to aim for the earlier of the two scheduled departures we're considering, and we actually made it onto the earlier ferry, we'd be able to give Gareth some running around time at Pike Place Market before having to stuff the poor little fellow back into his car seat's five point harness and finish our drive--a very desirable bit of freedom, considering that he'll be in that same five point harness for many hours on the airplane that afternoon and evening.

If we could reserve our space on the ferry, it would be an easy choice, even if it might take a little longer, but if ferry space for the car is first-come-first-serve, and the rush hour traffic still causes unpredictable or predictably awful waits around 10am on summer Tuesdays, we probably shouldn't take our chances. After all, we don't need to make reservations for the road, and the construction on the Hood Canal Bridge finished ahead of schedule.
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