Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Call For Submissions For Our Anthologies

Call us crazy, but David Sklar (thunderpigeon) and I are editing a pair of anthologies. It'll eat into our writing time, the slushpile will make us slushdrunk with its slushiness, and nobody makes much money on anthologies. And yet, and yet.

What makes a person start writing books, anyway? The feeling that you know exactly what book you want to read, and that nobody else anywhere is going to write it for you, so you'll just have to do it yourself. It turns out that, once you've followed this line of thinking to its logical conclusion as a writer, you're at elevated risk for doing it again as an editor.

So far, our division of labor seems to be that David is the Idea Man and I am the Devil's Advocate (obviously an oversimplification, but it's true at least half the time, and it's fun to say).

I'm really happy with the call for submissions we've come up with:

Drollerie Press is seeking entries for a pair of anthologies.

Trafficking in Magic deals with the sale and transport of magical goods and services, including magical beings, artifacts, fortune telling, communing with the dead, and other spells for hire, or the sale of magical energy itself; Magicking in Traffic deals with magic in the flow of traffic–which could be street traffic, commerce, the flow of energies, or something else entirely–whether to aid, block, or manipulate the flow of traffic, or simply to play in it. Creative interpretations of the title(s) are also encouraged.

Both will be edited by Sarah Avery (author of Closing Arguments and Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply) and David Sklar (author of Shadow of the Antlered Bird). The two e-books will be sold together as a pair. If sales warrant a print edition, it will be set back-to-back in a single book with 2 front covers.

Contributors are encouraged to send 1 short story or up to 3 poems. Query first if sending fiction over 12,000 words or poetry over 100 lines.

Submissions close January 5, 2010. Send submissions for this anthology only to magic at drolleriepress dot com.

Click here to view the official call for submissions.
Click here to view the Drollerie Press guidelines (note that the address for this anthology is different).
Please feel free to forward, post, or link to this call for submissions.

Looking forward to meeting some of you in the slush!
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