Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

In The Words Of The Man Himself

I haven't posted a lot of detail about our adventure on ride day, because Dan hadn't recovered enough from his 80-mile effort to talk about his part of it much. It was hot, with the kind of humidity you get on the first sunny day after two days of pelting rain. The toddler-wrangling was plenty strenuous for me--six hours of keeping a two-year-old sufficiently cool, hydrated, and amused on the festival grounds at the finish line was a two-person job I could not have accomplished without the help of our host and good friend jeneralist. That said, Dan undeniably did the hardest part, not only riding 80 miles on a course with several major hills, but also exercising his wisdom and stopping short of the 100-mile goal when his wrists and knees asked him to, which was not an easy choice.

Here is Dan's own account of the Livestrong Challenge ride.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As the starting line for Zach's chemo comes up, we're making a lot of use of their cancer support resources.
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