Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Ghost Tour Story Is Live (Afterlive?) At Jim Baen's Universe!

Sound the trumpets! Joy makes a braggart of me.

My short story New Jersey's Top Ghost Tours Reviewed and Rated is in this month's issue of Jim Baen's Universe. It's my first appearance in a SFWA-qualifying market, which is a Very Big Deal. I've been enjoying the fruits of their four-figure check for a while, and now I get to see that this month's cover art is straight out of my story. I am a very happy creature.

So, what's the story about? A ghost tour operator gets a haunted cabinet for a birthday present, and next thing he knows, all his ghosts are unionizing on the eve of the Halloween tourist season. For fans of the Rugosa Coven stories, there are some cameo appearances, but this piece is completely freestanding, with far more humor than horror. Enjoy!
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