Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

More News From Zach's Cancer Fight

We won't know for two more weeks whether the chemo is doing what it's intended to do, but meanwhile it's certainly having its predictable side effects. This weekend has been all about high fevers and low white blood cell counts.

I need a cheer or chant for white blood cells that is as annoyingly irresistible as my mother's we-love-you-liver song was. Somehow leukocyte is not a word that lends itself well to the Gimme an L! treatment. Likewise neutrophil. I suppose there's always Be! Aggressive! B E Aggressive!, but perhaps Be fruitful and multiply would be better advice for them. Getting their numbers up is the goal of the moment.

Anybody with a background in cheerleading have a suggestion? My default short form is the sonnet, which is sometimes clever, but rarely catchy. The situation calls for an earworm.
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