Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Thank Goodness For Jane Austen, The Opiate Of The Masses

Asking people for things makes me twitchy.

That's not quite right.

In person, I can brazen it out just fine. In person, I can usually rely on my superpowers as the Vortex of Schmooze. It's when email and telephones are involved that I start twitching.

That's still not quite right.

Asking people who are higher up the totem pole than I am, especially when there are valid reasons for them to be up there, and even more so when I know they're busy, makes me twitchy.

Almost right. Try again.

To be more precise, sending out requests of this sort makes me panicky, for no good reason, because what's the worst that can happen? My emailed attempt at a charming request might be met by an email that says the busy person is too busy, or, if s/he's completely swamped, by no email at all.

I have half a dozen of these panic-inducing emails to send. Really, they should have gone out months ago. The only thing that makes it possible to click the send button is taking frequent breaks to read a page or two of Pride and Prejudice.

Fortunately, Jane Austen has much milder side effects than most opiates do. So far, the most persistent side effect is an even more frequent than usual inclination to kiss my spouse.
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