Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Should Have Checked Voicemail First When We Got Back From Our Trip, Not Last Before Going To Bed

Apparently while we were in Philadelphia visiting jeneralist, the big rainstorm knocked out the power grid for most of our home county and flooded our local water treatment plant. The power grid, we'd heard about. It involved exploding underground transformers, flying manhole covers, and flames shooting up from under the streets of New Brunswick. The water treatment plant was less dramatic, so word had not reached us.

After brushing our kid's teeth, giving him a sippy cup of water, and putting him to bed, Dan and I checked the landline's voicemail and found a reverse-911 message from the mayor urging us to boil water before drinking it and, oh, brushing our teeth, anything that involves putting water in our bodies, for the next two days.

Maybe there's not contamination, maybe there is. Test results are not in yet.

I usually feel like I'm a pretty good mom. I'm really hoping none of us gets sick.

Off to fire up the kettle again.
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