Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

How My Amazing Friend Came To Make Her Useful Podcasts

Like many changes, it started when she had no choice. When else do we make changes so big? sabrinamari set out to learn about money after her first marriage ended. All her life up to that point, she had been, as many of us are, afraid of money--of having too much, of having too little, of letting it control her, of spending out of control, of letting it distract her from the people in her life and the values that mattered to her most. She was afraid of becoming one more example of the Impoverished Divorcee, one more example of the Impoverished Pagan Elder.

But here's the thing about Sabrina: To her, a big fear is like Mount Everest to Sir Edmund Hillary. She's driven to climb it, to map it, to bring it within the scope of her community's understanding, because it's there. Whatever very human, life-limiting, and vaguely embarrassing fear you have, you aren't be the only one, and sooner or later Sabrina will decide to climb it. If you load your pack and sharpen your pitons, she's happy to have you along for the expedition.

Many of the bad money decisions people make are driven by emotion. The economy may be beyond the scope of our control, but we can get smarter about how our feelings drive our finances, and we can manage our finances in ways that are harmonious with our relationships, values, and spirituality. For a lot of women, and for a lot of Pagans, that can seem counterintuitive. Well, give her a listen and see what you think.
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