Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Zach Update

Tomorrow's the first day of a new chemo regimen, one I don't entirely understand, but it involves something called 5-FU. We have all made the inevitable goofy jokes about giving his tumor five F.U.'s, because the side effects are daunting enough, anything that lightens even a moment of the anticipation is welcome. Then, there's the anxiety about whether the drugs will beat back the cancer. And, because we humans are such complicated creatures, there's bonus fear of the fear itself. Zach's sent out the prayer request, and here's my humble blog post to help amplify the signal.

My brother-in-law's current predicament does work wonders for my sense of perspective. I picked up a bit of a germ, possibly at Lunacon, and have been notably inconvenienced by it since Saturday. It got bad enough that I actually asked for help (Thank you, sabrinamari!). Tonight, I complained about how long the bug was taking to clear up, but hey, nothing I'm going through is dire enough that anyone would consider dosing me with toxic levels of platinum about it.
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