Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Lined Up For The Next Issue

Issue 14 of Black Gate arrived in the mail today. I'm saving the fiction in it as a reward for when David and I finalize the anthology's table of contents. No doubt, once I've read all the stories in Issue 14, I'll have a new favorite part, but right now my favorite is the very last page, where my very own name appears in the preview of Issue 15. Okay, maybe I'm having a moment of narcissism, but I've worked hard and waited long to see my fiction appear in a print publication. As sweet as online and e-book publication have been, ink on paper still feels more real to me.

If you like adventure stories in the pulp tradition, now would be an excellent time to subscribe to Black Gate. In about six months, when you've almost forgotten you have a new magazine to look forward to, your first issue will arrive, with "The War of the Wheat Berry Year" in it.
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