Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Mabon Harvests, Literary and Literal

I just replied to the latest email from the agent. Yes, it will be my pleasure to send her the full manuscript of Hands of Beltresa.

(Yeah, the old working title was Crown and Crowd. Same book you've been hearing about for two years. Next week, the working title may be something completely different. Well, I worked on the dissertation for most of five years before I got it to tell me its true name, so I'm not terribly surprised that none of the names I've come up with for the current project satisfy me yet.)

Since I've heard the agent say that she likes reading first drafts from her current clients, I asked her whether she wanted the still somewhat rough version I can send out this month, or a version in which the second half of the ms is as polished as the first half, which I could send by the end of October. Either answer's a good one.

In other news, our Mabon celebration went beautifully tonight. We had to adapt our standard ritual form and harvest holiday customs to a few awkward requirements of the hall we hired (no alcohol except in the chalice, no candles, etc.), and it was Clover Coven's first time hosting an event with so many people in attendance (the last estimate I heard was about 50), but the results Felt Like Mabon, so it must have worked. (jeneralist, will you be posting on your chemistry prowess? Your candle alternative was widely admired.) Everybody looked to be having a good time, and the feast table groaned under the weight of the harvest offerings. Oh, but we are good cooks. No word yet on whether the contributions to the donation jar exceeded the cost of the hall, but we hope to have accumulated enough to donate for hurricane relief.

Enough and enough and enough to share.
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