Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

My Three-Year-Old Comments On Teaching Methods Before His First Day At Pre-School

Over breakfast, Gareth said, "Dragons do not go to Montessori school."

We'd been to visit the school together while deciding where and whether to send him, and could confirm that we had seen no dragons in the student body or on the faculty. One of our favorite books is Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood, in which a friendly young dragon finds a lost human boy in the forest and brings him to dragon school for show and tell. The pictures of dragon school did not have the telltale signs of Montessori pedagogy. "Very astute," we said. "Dragons do not go to Montessori school."

Gareth added, "But dinosaurs do."

"They do?"

He grinned, because he knew he had his punch line: "Montessaurus!"
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