Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Yay! (Ow.)

My tiny new person has been sort of released from the special care (not quite a NICU) nursery, and as long as he keeps doing well on his blood sugar tests every three hours, I can keep him in a bassinet in my hospital room. As long as my blood pressure doesn't get any higher, we can probably all go home Friday. Tomorrow Dan can bring Gareth to meet his little brother, and there won't have to be a pane of glass between them to prevent infection this time.

Conrad William Avery-Davis is revealing the first signs of his temperament, and so far he seems to be even more easygoing than Gareth was. We'll see if that holds once I've recovered enough from the cesarean that my milk is no longer a source of trace amounts of percocet.

Recovering from major abdominal surgery still kind of sucks, but it sucks a lot less than pining for my baby did. Today I actually feel as lucky as I am.
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