Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Venturing Forth, Like A Real Person Or Something

It looks probable that I'll make it to Philcon for a day. The plan is that I'll be there Saturday with the baby, while Dan stays home and works on the porch with our older kid. It'll be a great day when our house is no longer a construction site, and if going to Philcon without babycare backup speeds that day, well, okay. This year, I'll just be in the audience for the Broad Universe group reading. Conrad's a sweet-tempered kid and a good sleeper, so the two of us may make it all the way through a panel or two before I have to whisk him out for de-fussing.

I don't feel like I'm roaring back to my old productive self, but getting out of the house for a whole day of attempted schmoozing, despite just having had a baby three months ago, feels ambitious. We'll see if it actually works.
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