Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

This Just In: Storytelling Competition at Wicked Faire, February 19th

At this year's Wicked Faire, with it's Fairy Tales Gone Awry theme, Jeff Mach is trying out a Wicked Storytelling Competition. Since this is the first time he's putting this little item on the program, he only invited a few storytellers, and my favorite compliment of the week was when he said, "You were the first person I thought of."

It'll be a wacky, improvisational kind of thing. The judges will challenge the storytellers with titles from traditional fairy tales, and we'll have to do something with them. If we don't know the original story, then the title's all we'll have to work with. Since this is, after all, the Wicked Faire, I anticipate a certain willful perversity on the part of the judges, so there will probably be a lot of fresh invention, and a lot of fun.

Now, I've spent the past three years improvising versions fairy tales to make them less wicked, for the sake of my extremely conflict-averse, empathy-riddled older kiddo. Improvising versions of fairy tales to make them more wicked, even in the relatively friendly sense of the Wicked Faire, will be an interesting change. I have no idea how I'll do at this. I may kick ass, or fall on my ass.

So you should definitely come see for yourself. The current version of the schedule has the Storytelling Competition running from 3:30ish to 5:00ish, the afternoon of Saturday, February 19th. I'll keep you all posted.
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