Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

The Nose Notebook

Gareth plays the most elaborate version of Got-Your-Nose I've ever seen. He doesn't just get your nose, he adds it to his collection. The collection is in a folder with a pattern of holes that was designed to look like Swiss cheese. In fact, thunderpigeon gave it to me in honor of James MacIntyre's infamous Queen of Cheese poem, so I'd have somewhere to keep the world's worst poetry between Bad Poetry Parties--especially important now that sometimes years go by between festivities. Gareth thinks the holes look like nostrils, so my bad poetry archive has had to move elsewhere.

Once he collects your nose, he opens his Nose Notebook to select a new nose for you, and to file your original nose where he'll be able to find it later. Sometimes he stacks up a whole bunch of unfamiliar noses on your face, or swaps adult and baby noses for aesthetic effect.

And on sneezy, high-pollen-count days, he roots through his nose collection for "one with not so much phlegm in it."
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