Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Clockwork Cosmos, 1975

The story's so great a favorite of Gareth's, we tell it together in a call-and-response he leads:

"When were you a little girl?"
A long time ago.
"And what would go down?"
The sun would go down.
"And what would you go into?"
I would go into my house, where I lived with my mommy and daddy.
"And what would you do there?"
I would say to my mommy, Please turn the crank to make the sun come back up, because I want to go back out and play.
"And what would she say?"
She would say, The sun rises and sets in its own good time. There is no crank. But when summer comes, the sunny part of the day will last longer, and you can stay out and play more.
"And that's what happened."
Yes, that's what happened.

Apparently I really believed there was a crank to turn that would bring back the sun. When my mother didn't make the days longer for me, I got angry at her as if I thought she was holding out on me.

The other night at bedtime, Gareth wanted to pretend he was the parent and I was the kid. We talked a lot about monsters, his current big anxiety, and about how monsters like the dark.

"Daddy Gareth," I said, "would you turn the crank to make the sun come back up for me?"

He got the biggest grin, and turned his arm around and around, yelling, "Click click click click!" for his cranking sound effect. "It's working! It's up!"

Just what I always wanted.
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