Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Now It Can Be Told

Now that my publisher's difficulties are being openly discussed at the Absolute Write Water Cooler and Writer Beware's Facebook page, I won't be telling tales out of school if I mention them here. (For the record: What has gone wrong at Drollerie is, by all accounts, an honorable collapse, not a scam.)

Now that thunderpigeon and I have emailed all the authors in our anthology with an update about the troubles at Drollerie, I don't have to worry about any of those folks being put out about seeing something on my blog that they should have heard about from us first.

The short version:
The publisher has offered a blanket reversion of rights and termination of contracts to all authors who request them, with apologies for the long delays in publication and payment. We have decided to take Drollerie Press up on that offer. We've pulled the anthology, and we hope all the authors whose stories we accepted will allow us to keep our lineup as we shop the book around to other publishers. Once we hear back from all our authors and know what our table of contents looks like, we'll be in a position to start querying. We're brainstorming up a list of prospects. I believe something good will happen. I just don't know yet exactly what it will be.

Now that I've formally terminated my contracts for the Rugosa Coven novellas...

Damn, I wish I'd seen a better option. I'm pretty sure there wasn't one.

Okay, I'll talk about the implications of all this for the Rugosa books in a later post.

It's nobody's fault, ultimately. The proprietor of Drollerie Press, and my editor for the Rugosa stories, has been struggling all along with a chronic illness. Many months ago, it knocked her into the hospital, and though she's been home a while, she's been unable to work. One thing I have observed over the past couple of years is that everybody is just one health crisis away from incapacitation. Deena had a grand vision. She made it happen, for a while. I just hope she can recover.

In more than one place online, I've seen it said that Deena is hoping to sell Drollerie Press. I have that from a reliable source, too, though I've been unable to confirm it with Deena. I hope it's true, and I can think of a few small press publishers I like and respect whom I'd love to see expand by picking up Drollerie. (And to the ones who read this blog, please take this as a hint!) For the right new management, with a credible plan, I'd seriously consider bringing my books back. Many of the Drollerie authors who are taking Deena up on her offer of rights reversion would say the same.
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