Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Or Maybe You Don't Have 30 Days To Buy The Rugosa Books

The upside is, the folks trying to take care of Drollerie Press during its owner's convalescence are really conscientious. A bunch of the authors asked for our rights to be reverted, and the caretaker editors are getting on it right away, though they could wait 30 days. They're already in the process of removing books from Amazon, B&N, etc., for all the authors who asked them to.

Mine are still up, as of this writing. It looks likely that they'll be unavailable sooner than I thought, perhaps as early as October 1. I will be very surprised if they are still for sale anywhere later than October 7.

So the downside is, if you really want Closing Arguments or Atlantis Cranks Need Not Apply and you don't want to wait an unknown amount of time for me to find them a new publisher, making that purchase should probably be the next thing you do.

Sorry about that. I don't mean to put the hard sell on anybody. Just thought some of you would want to know.

In the long run, this setback will be a good thing. It will, because I will remember what my childhood terrier taught me. I will grab the setback in my teeth. My teeth will find the scruff of its neck. I will shake the setback abruptly, repeatedly, enthusiastically, until it squeaks and becomes just a toy. I will carry it around in my teeth all day, for days, for months, for as long as it takes. When I finally let it drop and stay dropped, it will be so threadbare as to be unrecognizable. That worn out little thing, a setback? Couldn't be.
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