Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

What Do You Like To Find On An Author's Website?

Most of what I'm looking for on an author's website is the blog, so until now I'd been putting nearly all my own web-presence time into Livejournal.

That doesn't seem to be what most readers are looking for from authors' websites. What do you hope to find on them? What unexpected discoveries have you most enjoyed finding on them?

It's kind of embarrassing that I've had this beautiful website for a few years, and I've only today put content on it. What can I say? When Deena finished doing the design part, my first kid had just learned to walk. I've been sprinting after him trying to keep him, and then his little brother, safe from bodily harm ever since. It's ironic--in the actual sense of actual irony--that the thing that finally gets me to put a bio and a bibliography on my own website is that the books I got it to promote are no longer available for purchase.

Well, we take our good news wherever we find it. I checked off a couple of items that had been haunting my To Do list for three years. Yay, dammit. Yay.
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