Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Ten Makes A Celebration Loud Loud Loud! (And One Is Wonderful After A Crowd)

We're home from Capclave. Trying to do business at a convention while traveling with young children is, ah, strenuous. Doing so in my hometown, where my family and in-laws need a bit of visiting, is even more so. It's necessary to adjust expectations. I figured, if in two days I could accomplish two business discussions with small press publishers, plus two family dinners so the kids could see their grandparents, anything else I managed would be gravy.

There was a whole gravyboat full of gravy. I now know how one arranges to use a convention suite to hold a book launch party, for instance. Not that it's clear when we'll need to do such a thing, or with which presses for which books, but we all came back optimistic.

The suitcases are in from the car. Drafts of follow-up emails to publishers are waiting in my coeditor's in-box. I can sleep the sleep of the just.
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