Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Manuscript Wrangling, Again

The cool part is that we got from an "I can't sell that" response to a "Please send me the manuscript" response in a single conversation, about a single manuscript.

The hard work part is, we realized when we got back that the editors' introductions we'd written were still for the I-can't-sell-that version of the manuscript, and we'd have to totally redo them as a unified intro for the please-send-it version. Oh, and we hadn't updated the intros in light of the couple of stories we lost from the lineup, either. None of the stories need to change, at least not at this time, thank goodness. Still, we had hoped to have the book on its way by now. Instead, we have to think about how to do this well, and then email drafts back and forth between us for a day or two more until we're both sure it works.

It's amazing that any books make it into print, ever.
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