Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Passing The Grail For Another Round

I'm still waiting to be able to tell you that other bit of news, but I figured if you're still watching this space, I had to tell you something cool while you wait with me. And this is very cool.

The Grail story might be available in a paper edition in time for Yule. We'll see how it goes. onyxtwilight is designing and formatting it, and we'll be self-publishing it through one of those online printing services, all proceeds to go to the scholarship fund founded by the late George Marvil.

In addition to raising money for George's scholarship, getting a story into the hands of readers who've been agitating for it for years, and teaching me how to use or whichever service we go with, this bit of a side-project will force me to learn how to post podcast files on my website. The story's appearance in print seems like too good an occasion to miss for getting the podcast back out into the world. It's something to do between bouts of work on the Mystery Project.
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