Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Hiding For Beginners

"Look over here, Mommy, I'm hiding from you!"

That one was good, but even better was when I asked him why he was taking a book into his room and closing the door: "Because I don't want you to know I'm going to cut it with scissors." No chagrin, no irony, just a statement of fact.

Tonight Gareth helped me make chicken soup with rice (complete with the song), while Dan vacuumed up stray Christmas tree needles. At one point, he was so stressed out by the combination of mechanical noise and my warnings about the dangers of scalding that he cleared out the entire contents of the pantry cabinet to hide, not from Dan and me, but from soup and vacuum cleaners. I only figured out where he had gone when I heard him singing a cheery little song from inside the closed cabinet:

"Very good, very good hiding place! Very good, very good hiding place!"

Good thing the soup wasn't looking for him.
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