Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Lady Gaga Octopus Flashbacks

Watching Lady Gaga's New Year's performance with my 80-year-old grandmother was surreal for so many reasons, not least that her evening's celebratory television diet started with a Lawrence Welk New Year's special from 1970. I'd never seen the Lawrence Welk Show before, but wow, it lived up to its reputation for nightmarishly laminated perkiness. "I used to think he was so handsome," sighed my grandmother. A few hours later, when Lady Gaga took the stage in Times Square, my grandmother squinted at her television. "What is that?"

And if you caught any of this performance, you were asking the same question, possibly with the addition of expletives.

Weeks later, I can't get the image of that octopus headdress thing out of my mind, thanks to this excellent song by my kids' favorite singer. Oh, give it a shot. It's mighty catchy, and thanks to the Photoshop-like powers of your imagination, you get to picture Lady Gaga's grotesquerie completely subverted by the whimsy of Laurie Berkner.
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