Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Are Any Of You Using Triberr? How, and For What?

Some of the broads on the Broad Universe listserv are saying Triberr is immensely useful, but I haven't yet figured out why. I've registered for it--I've taking to registering as early as I can for whatever new social networking site comes down the pike, so the other people with my name don't get there first. Whether I'll actually invest time in it remains to be seen.

I registered for Pinterest, and that was fun but problematic. Actually, it was more addictive than most social networking sites have been for me, and I was just beginning to think I should back off from it, when a probably unnecessary kerfuffle about their terms of service went viral. I didn't secede or delete anything I'd pinned there, because as far as I can tell, leaving now wouldn't get me off the hook for stuff I'd already pinned if it turned out that fair use wouldn't protect me. But I've resolved from now on to pin only images that have the most open forms of Creative Commons license. I'm still not sure Pinterest will actually do me any good as a promotional tool for my writing, and if it's not good for that, I'd rather use the time it takes up for, well, writing.

So if Triberr's just going to be a variation on that theme, I might as well start protecting my writing time from it now. Is there any reason I shouldn't?
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