Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Story By Story, My Favorite Book To Teach With (Um, Part I)

I got so enthusiastic about my favorite teaching anthology, I had to split my post for the Black Gate blog into two sections, one for this week and one for next. The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens deserved to become an annual standard Year's Best collection, one that no library or fan would have skipped. Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, the editors, did a gorgeous job of finding short fiction from all over the genre magazines that would be appealing and appropriate for younger readers, and their short introductions for all the stories could form the basis of a thorough and rollicking college course syllabus. Alas, the volume was a one-off, and eventually it will become hard to find. For a thorough and rollicking breakdown of why anybody who teaches literature or writing to teenagers ought to grab a copy, and for a glimpse of what my students and I use the book for, you can look over here.
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