Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Well, That Was A Squeaker

I just hit send on a grant application, with two minutes to spare before the deadline. I would have liked print the grant proposal out, look at it one last time for the night, sleep on it, reorganize paragraphs in the morning, move the commas and then put them back, all that stuff. I don't dare look tonight at how raw the whole document is. That's not my problem anymore. That's the grant committee's problem. Now my job is to put the whole thing out of my mind until somebody emails to tell me I got it or didn't. My job is to send something else out, and then something else after that, so no matter what rejections come back when, there will always be a submission of some kind still under consideration somewhere.

Oh, crap, that really was a raw document. Wasn't it? Must not look!

This job is really hard.
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