Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Magicians, Shamans, Mental Illness, and...Revision?

I just finished a Skype interview about fortunetelling, altered mental states, and the spiritual consequences of OCD in the latest Rugosa Coven novella, And Ria's from Neptune, for the Broadly Speaking podcast from Broad Universe. All my previous experience of being interviewed about my writing consisted of getting an email from the interviewer with a dozen or so stock questions, with my answers to appear on the interviewer's blog. Being interviewed for a podcast was far more different than I anticipated. We had some problems with the recording software--it did not play well with Skype's conference call feature--so we lost our first attempt and had to try several test recordings before we tried again. I'm very happy with the results, though. Thanks to T.W. Fendley, the interviewer, and to Katherine Lampe for being part of our delightful, thought-provoking first attempt to record the interview as a round table discussion. I look forward to hearing how Katherine's one-on-one interview turned out--whereas some of my characters have occasional shamanic experiences, she's done the research to write a main character who has extensive shamanic training in an indigenous tradition. When the podcast becomes available, I'll post a link to it here.

Meanwhile, I've got a new post up at Black Gate, this time about how I learned to revise when my first batch of composition students surprised me by actually following directions I gave them--directions I had been given many times but had never followed, myself.
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