Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Going to Ground for a Month, Starting Now

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. I haven't been keeping up with lj this weekend, and from now to December, I expect to read very little on it, and to comment less. Though occasionally I may procrastinate in the face of my insane 50,000words/30days project by reading posts, especially posts from my fellow Nanowrimo cultists, you should assume that any given thing you post in November will escape me. (Unless you're one of the people with an immediate family member in a hospital ICU, in which case I will be checking updates. Anybody else, if you get caught up in a Real Live Emergency, please let me know. I do still care about you all.)

So it may be especially irritating that--after being a person who could be relied upon to post only sparingly, rarely more than twice a week--I'm about to become a high-traffic poster in the very moment when I just about stop reading you. I'll be posting daily updates about word count and other forms of novel progress. These posts will probably be short, but they may not be especially entertaining or personal, and there will be a lot of them. If anybody unfriends me in the interest of temporary traffic management, I will not be offended.

Come December, I have every reason to expect that I will bounce back to my old habits, posting just once or twice a week when something especially entertaining, worrisome, or wonderful happens, and catching up daily with all of you.

Be well, dear ones. I'll miss you.
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