Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
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How Many Endgames Can One Manuscript Have? How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down? How Many Books On Th

I finished writing the thing, and revised it for story, character, technique, all that stuff. Now that I'm fixing errors of fact, my pace of production is dragging again. I felt done with this book at Thanksgiving. When I've got my errors of fact all squared away, I'll feel even more done with it. And then my publisher will have his say, and I'll have the chance to improve the book yet further, probably while feeling more done with it still. What excites me right now is the little pile of unfinished short stories that have been waiting for Ria to be on her way. I can't wait to send her out into the world. I can't believe she's not already out there.

My beta readers are saving my butt, as usual. My expert on the Pine Barrens saved me from sending my protagonist down gravel roads in an area where all the roads are sand. My expert on occult retail establishments spotted some missing details and one distracting impossibility. My medical/mental health expert assured me that I had not been unfair to the entire mental health field by putting some Very Problematic Therapists in the book. My Asatru experts pointed out many, many places where I had missed the mark, and all the scenes with Asatru characters now play better, in addition to being more accurate. Thank you all! You've made sure my manuscript didn't leave the house with its shirt on inside out.

In other news, I've got a new post up at Black Gate, this one about my two contradictory gut-level responses to best-of lists like the ones from the Locus poll. It's good to have an occasion to produce new words and send them into the world every single week, especially when my work on the fiction is all about mopping up details in scenes I wrote months or years ago.
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