Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

It's Away!

I just hit send. The complete book manuscript for Tales from Rugosa Coven is on its way to my publisher. I'm a little loopy from sleep deprivation, so I'm not really sure what the next step is right now. Aside from sleep. Right. I remember how to do that.

Somehow in the middle of this week's mad dash to get the book delivered, I wrote a post for Black Gate about the developmental leap that happens around age 6, when children are first able to tell the difference between imagination and reality.

Tomorrow, while I wait to hear back from Dark Quest Books about what we do next, I'm going to work on my shiny new short story. Whenever some social network profile thing asks me what my favorite book is, I always answer, "Whichever one I'm writing that day." Apparently that goes for shorter pieces, too. I wonder what my dreaming brain will do with the prospect of generating whole new scenes for the first time in weeks.
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