Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

How Can You Tell When My Kids Are Sick?

Okay, I could tell because of the 105 degree fever. But for those playing along at home, you can tell when I'm caring for a sick kid by the length of my weekly post at Black Gate. Here I relate, with uncharacteristic brevity, some wacky hijinks of Client Parents from Hell.

Meanwhile, I'm learning how to medicate a balky toddler by means of a nebulizer. Note to designers of medical devices: loud mechanical noises terrify young children.

Conrad is going to be fine. Once he's fine, we'll continue be frazzled wrecks for a week, but that's a perfectly acceptable trade.

Gareth is handling his brother's illness graciously about half the time, helping fetch and carry, and comforting Conrad. The other half of the time, Gareth is acting out to get his share of the attention back, and freaking out about whether any of us are going to die, because I made the mistake of admitting to Dan that there were a couple of hours when I really thought the respiratory virus might win. Gareth and I had a long conversation about what he wants me to do with his body if he dies before me. He really, really needed to tell me that, and to hear me say I was planning for all of us to live long, happy lives. Gareth is going to be fine, too.

Somehow, despite all these goings-on, I'm making some headway on my new short story, and have arranged to be part of Broad Universe's Rapid Fire Reading at Lunacon in Rye Brook, NY, March 15-17. More information on that as it comes in.
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