Sarah Avery (dr_pretentious) wrote,
Sarah Avery

Good News About That Anthology I Coedited!

Fantastic Books, publisher of last year's Hugo nominee Jar Jar Binks Must Die, will publish the anthology David Sklar and I coedited, Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic.

It's been a long wait for us, and for all the authors who've graciously allowed us to hold onto their stories as we worked to secure a new publisher after Drollerie Press folded. Long enough, in fact, that we're not sure all the email addresses we have for all our authors are still current. If you have a story in the anthology and you're seeing this announcement here, but you haven't yet received an email from us or from Ian Randal Strock of Fantastic Books, please contact David or me.

The ink is dry on the editors' contract. Once the ink is dry on the authors' contracts, we'll be able to announce the final line-up of authors and stories. As soon as I know anything about a release date, cover art, and all that stuff, I'll be announcing it here.
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